!920s - 1940s Great Depression

Personal Narrative

To me the great depression was a very sad moment. It also was one of the biggest periods in World history. The Great Depression is a crisis that had started with the crash or failure of the stock Market. The depression was the longest depression in the 20th century. During the event unemployment rate went up 25%. That is very many jobs lost. That is also lots and lots of money lost during the depression. In fact $30 billion was lost my November. You can do many things with that kind of money. Im surprised the world didn't go broke after that amount of money lost after a month. President Hoover was the president during this time. I think he reacted good to the pressure he was put under. Im glad he was the president at that time. If the wrong president was in the world could still be recovering from it to this day. Me personally wouldn't be able to do it. I love pressure but i wouldn't like this type of pressure. There is a lot of things to do when the U.S lost that much money. A fun fact that i read was that it was so many unemployed people that on the corners of New York 5,000 people were selling apples for only 5 cents a piece. You know it is serious when 5,000 people are selling one product in the same area. It is also sad that they are only selling them for 5 cents. To me that shows that people are very poor and cant afford to buy them. On the other end that also shows that people are desperate in making money. Another fact is that food riots started to break out. People in different areas of the U.S broke market windows and took off with food and different things. This also shows how poor the U.S was already starting to get. I bet there was a lot of pandomonium doing that type of thing. I also bet a lot of people got hurt during the incident. To me this event shows signs. The quicker we can make our money is also how quick we can loose it. Next time we should be more careful. I also think that this event can happen at anytime again. I also think we are more good with our money now unlike back then.

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