The two battles of Africa
Battle of Sandfontein
Battle of Tanga
The two battles of the far east
Siege of Tsingtao
Battle of Bita Paka
1 country affected by the wars of Africa India

  • Battle of Sandfontein took place in southeast Africa at the outset of World War I.
  • The Battle of Tanga took place in southeast Africa as well.
  • The Siege of Tsingtao took place in the far east of Asia
  • The battle of Bita Paka took place in the south of Kabakaul.
  • Nothing specifically caused the battle of Sandfontein. It was between the the Germans and the British troops.
  • The battle of Tanga was caused by the unsuccecful attacks by the Britan army against the German east Africa
  • The Siege of Tsingtao was sparked by the Germans beginning to interfere with Chinese local affairs.
  • The battle of Bita Paka was caused by the Australlians wanting to catch the wireless station locaed in thee middle of Kabakaul
  • The Battle of Sandfontein opened up on September 26, 1914.
  • The battle of Tanga started on November 4, 1914.
  • The siege of Tsingtao started on October 31,1914.
  • The battle of Bita Paka started on September 11, 1914.
  • The results of the Battle of Sandfontein was that the Germans had to force the Britains who controlled the souheast of Africa to retreat.
  • The results of the battle of Tanga was that the Germans had beaten the Britins bad.
  • The Siege of Tsingtao results were the Germans and Asrtohungarians had beaten the allied force
  • The results of the battle of Bita Paka was that the Allied forces of Britain had teamed up and had force the Germans to retreat to Toma. external image apchurchill_WWI_U.S._005TM.jpg e
Sir Henry Lukin commanded the the German African Forces. He was a very smart general. He commanded them in the Battle of Sandfontein. He led his troops to victory.
external image Henry_Lukin00.jpg
Major general A.E Aitken was a British military commander. He was born in Rochford in Essex. He led the army to the Battle of Tanga. His British Army had fallen short.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUb7ATF4KkZXroZeC2kS_dvquOsfU29T2Zl8KM7zDtowDdIvo66U_K0g
Kamio Mitsuomi was born in Feburary 27,1856. Kamio was a general in the Imperial Japenese Army. He commanded the Allied land forces in the Siege of Tsingtao. His Allied force had came up short as they had lost the Siege.
General Kamio Mitsuomi.jpg
General Kamio Mitsuomi.jpg

Brudenell White was born on September 23,1876. He was a surpervisor of the Llied land force. At Gallapoli he was chief to staff sir William Bridges. He also was chief to staff William Birdwood.
Brudenell White (AWM 001110).jpg
Brudenell White (AWM 001110).jpg

Sir William Bridges was born Febuary 18,1861. He worked with the Allied land force. In the Battle of Bita Paka he appointed General of the Army. They forced the Germans to retreat to Toma.
William Throsby Bridges 2.jpg
William Throsby Bridges 2.jpg

5 posters of Propaganda
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsn4iQU4TYGjBfhHawgWfx7IvxZwaTUpvktWIEVEAxk1BKIRm_
This propaganda poster is telling the Allied forces to work with its side and not the others.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcToadcVjk650T05BFoRi-FTjRZawyzCWkJf57SUrXgOsWRzxVTd
Its telling all of the people of there country or state to join there Army now to help them in the war.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmaJtObsg5dnG29C7VwB-0iFp_vAZcJPBASp2QaITqOGSnBRtdhQ
The poster is saying that theUS Army needs some people in the war to help them.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSDd1ZS0yCdWPMNJxl-wYM8c574dGUdVLV4AWjHobY_im-I9WB56w
This propaganda poster is saying that the Britians need to finish the war and not drop out.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYuV1KYwgdNRkYmOMhnAkVbl5Q0Tm2x8oJlD7zKnriH9wNJKgs9g
This propaganda poster is saying if they see the enemy uniforms arround to let someone know on their side.

Own Voice:
The war was very hard times. The people of the war used propagana techniques to convince people to get in the war with them. The generals went through hard times and tried to conquer the inevitable. The Armies on both sides worked very hard.

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