Brief Biography- Francisco Franco was born in El Ferro, Spain on December 4, 1892. He was educated at Toledo Infantry Academy and he served in Spanish
Morocco from 1910 to 1927. He made himself leading attacks against Moroccan Nationalists, and in 1927 was promoted
to full General. He was principle of Saragossa Military Academy. In October of 1923 Francisco Franco got married to a
woman by the name of "Carmen Polo". She was a member of a wealthy merchant family. Franco's reputation grew in the
armed forces when Alfonso XIII sent a representative to the wedding.
Top left-hand corner is the place where he was born
Top left-hand corner is the place where he was born

How did Francisco Franco come to power- When Francisco Franco's wedding was held in October of 1923 a man by the name of
Alfonso XIII sent a representative to Franco's weeding, and that's when his reputation grew. 2 years after his wedding in 1925 France
and Spain combined forces against "Abd-el-Krim" in Morocco and Franco was placed in command of the Spanish troops. A year
later he was appointed Europe's youngest General. Franco was named commander of Spain's new Military Academy at saragossa in
1928. This was a huge accolade for Franco. That now included him visiting military schools in Germany, extra curriculum activities,
and France. Then years later Commander of the Army of Africa and began to conqueor southern Spain.

Keeping his power- Franco by the end of September 1936 was voted by other Generals to become commander of Nationalists army.
He was appointed Chief of State and Franco began to remove all his main rivals for leadership of the Nationalists forces.
When am man by the name of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera was shot, Franco explicated his death by making him a mythological
saint of the facist movement. In April 19, 1937 Francisco Franco forced the unification of the falange Espanola and the Carlists with
other small right wing parties to form the falange Espanola Tradicionalista. Franco made himself the own leader of his new organization.
Franco also posted posters all around Spain saying "One State, One Country, One Chief Franco Franco Franco!" showing his power
through posters. Also Franco and his troops captured "Bandajoz" expanding and keeping power strong.

Now I'm going to show a few pictures through 3 different stages in Francisco Franco's life

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Eliminating Opposition- Franco had removed all his main rivals for the leadership of the Nationalists Forces. He was
a cruel and like a savage type of a dictator and a estimated amount of about 200,000 prisoners died because of
starvation, overwork, and executions. Franco wanted a lot of land and when he did either try to work out negotiations
with fellow allies or just decide "right of rip" to go and decide to get a certain piece of land and go conqueor it. The
persecutions of political opponents continued until 1944 when a number of amenstres and pardons were granted.

Here are some pictures of some of the countries he controlled.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPnUSaQWlQFbDbT2KFZrDT3PitwlDkVFS6Ykf7YTf5etTDXK_H
This a city in span he controlled named "badajoz"
This a city in span he controlled named "badajoz"
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7cizUpptDcrpOIgJc_u-3H4LB3PUoo7A-bPi5vQt4R4CE_DIA
A part in spain called "Bilbao"
A part in spain called "Bilbao"
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR22MeNsAUaB6RmWp8eku109KUms_lnT8SeAszA1KIcQG7mP7OZ

Land conquered- Franco and Nationalists Army and other troops gradually began to take control of spain. His troops
captured "Badajoz", the secured borders in Portugual, and then they captured Bilbao. Bilbao is a city in spain that
the conquered. Bilbao had provided Franco with a major industrial base. Franco also isloated Madrid and it's defenders surrendered
Madrdid on March 31st.

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Credits: I will like to give credits to the website called ( That is the
website i got majority of my information on one of the best Dictators in the world Francisco Franco.
Sunrise December 4, 1892- Sunset November 20, 1975.