Weebly, Wikispace, or Voicethread

On Weebly, create your own webpage as you have done in the past.
On Wikispace, you now need to create your own page and I will become your member. I can help you with that this week.
On Voicethread, upload the images and then record the information, it should be more than 5 minutes speaking for all 25 sentences. Take your time and read the information.


Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Francisco Franco, and Emperor Hirohito were some of the world's most powerful men in the periods between the Great War (World War I) and World War II. They rose to power for a number of different reasons and became forces that the world would have to deal with. Your task is to look at each of these five men and talk about how they came to power, what they did with that power once they had it, if they eliminated opposition, how did they do so, and if they conquered land, how much did they take.

You will choose one of the dictators from the 1920s and 1930s to examine.

After you have chosen the dictator that you will study, you will answer the following questions:

1. Brief biography on where he was born, how he was educated and what he did before he became a political leader. (minimum 5 sentences)

2. How did your dictator come to power in his country? (minimum 5 sentences)

3. What did he do to make sure that he kept power for as long as he did? (minimum 5 sentences on the political rise)

4. Did he eliminate opposition to his rule and, if so, how did he? Did he send people to prison and, if so, how many? Did he kill members of his opposition and, if so, how many? (minimum 5 sentences on examples of their brutal tactics)

5. How much land did he conquer? If so, how did he do so? If not, what did he do to keep his country from being taken over? (minimum 5 sentences)

25 COMPLETE IN YOUR OWN WORDS sentences minimum total = 75 points

Picture of where he was born - city & country together
Picture of his country he controls
3 Pictures of him at different stages in his life time
5 pictures of society life during his tenure as leader

10 pictures = 25 points

Total assignment = 100 points