He was an amarican politician and the 45th govner of Alabama serving terms, 1963-1967,1971-1979 and 1983-1987.
He earned the tittle of the most influencial loser in the 20th-century U.S. politics,according to biographers Dan T Carter and Stephen Lesher
He was born in Clio, Alabama, on the 25th of august in 1919 and he worked as a politician and trhe 45th governer of Alabama
He did all this between 1963-1987
He impacted the election of that time

He was the 33rd president of the united states (1945-1953).
He had been taking charge of the united states
He was born in Lamar Missouri on May 8,1884
He was ppresident between 1945-1953
He impacted the united states by being the smartest of some of the presidents

He was the youngest of seven children, was born in Monroe, Louisiana on the 17th of February 1942
He had been the leader of the BLACK PANTHERS
He came from Monroe,Louisiana
The time period of this is in the mid 50s to the 70s
He impacted the black communities that faces racism by the rest of the community

He was an outstanding student, he obtained dagrees from waily and howard university
he was part of the congress on racial equality (CORE)
He was born in Marshall, Texas on Janurary 12th,1920
During 1942 he was in the (CORE)
He impacted the peopole who tried to apply direct challenges to america racism

He was the first african american to try to get admission to the university of mississipi
He had gotten into the university of mississipi
He was born in Kosciusko, Mississipi, on the 25th of June,1933
During the three years in the university of mississpi he went to the university of ibadan in nigeria
He impacted everyone who was againsst racism by making his black power speech


He was an african american muslim minister and human rights activist
He was a couragious advocate for his rights for african americans
He was born in Omaha, Nabraska, and he faught for the rights of the african americans
He was alive between may 19, 1925 threw feburary 21, 1965
He impacted the african american people by helping stop racism

He was an american clergyman activis
He is best know for being an iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights of the united sates ant around the world
He came from Atlanta georgia,he made the most wonderfullest speeach(I HAD A DREAM)
He impacted the black and cuacasian people of america

He was the 37th president of the U.S.A
He was the only president to resign the office
He was born in Yorba Linda, California and he had previously served as a US representative and senator from california
He was US president threw 1953-1961
He impactred the war in vietnam in 1973

She was an african american civil rights activist is known as the first lady of civil rights
She refused to obey the bus drivers orders that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger
She was born in tuskegee, alabama on feburary 4, 1913
This time period is between 1913-2000
She impacted the black community by showing them how to stand up for themselves

He was an associate justice of the united states supreme cort
He was the first african american justice and the 96th justice
He was born in baltimore,maryland on july 2, 1908
The time period was between 1967-1991
He imacted the community by being the best at what he does

An action of policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination
It can impact on people who is suffering of discrimination
It became significant to many people because so many people was suffering of this
The time period was in 1997

The alliance for progressi nitiated by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1961 aimed to establish economic cooperation between North and South America.
Its impact is on the north and south american poeple
It showed up in the 1960's

the berlin wall was the thing that kept suplies away from berliners
the impact of the berlin wall is the people of berlin was serfering because their supplies went low
it became so significant by many counties had herd about the germans making the berliner suffer abd the american army forces came and droppe suplies to the beliners
the berlin wall became between the13 of august 1961and the 9th of november 1989

during ww2 the birth rate sky rockeded because the army needed more soldiers in that time period
the impact of the baby boomwas on the usa and europe because they would start losing soldiers
it became significant by the the poeple of these countries wanted to make more soldiers fo the army
the time period was during WW2

the beat generation refers to a group of american post-World War 2 writters
the impact wa that they inspired central elements of the beat culture
it became signifacnt by hem inspiring the communutie of the beat culture
the time period was in the1950's

it was a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, initiated by an August 1942 exchange of diplomatic notes between the united states and mexico
the impact was the importation of temporary contract laborers from Mexico to the United States
it became significant because the united states transported many mexicans to america and made a big impact on the mexico
the time period was in august 1942

The Black Panthers
The black panthers were formed in California in 1966
the impact was they had an important part in the civil rights
the black panthers believed that the non-violent campaign of Mrther Luther king had failed
it became so significant because any promised changes to their lifestyle via the raditional civil rights movement
the time period was 1966

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Mass media is any medium used to transmit mass communication.