Stock market
the stock market had crashed in the 1929 and when that happened a lot of people had lost money. The crash had a lot of people out of work, a lot of people couldn't provide for there family's. I think that the men had it the worst because they couldn't provide for there family's, and when you can’t do that it fell like you let your family down. Some people had killed them self i didn’t know that not having money will do this to you.

During this depression the demand of goods declined becaus people felt poor. new things couldn't’ be developed because there just wasn’t enough money to create new things. The biggest thing that hurt-ed people was banks, when the banks couldn't give people Lon's people started to get worried.

At this time the president was Franklin d. Roosevelt in my mind i think that this is the worst time to be the president. America had lost $ 140 billion dollars when the banks had claps, at that point people didn’t know what to do. People couldn't’ write checks because they wasn’t worth anything, Roosevelt had closed all of the banks in the united states. Some of the banks would re-open but they had a limit on withdraw and stuff dilling with money.

When the stock market had crashed the people of new york,had set a date called black thursday. Black thursday is a day in the 1920's when the stock market first crashed. Many people had blamed investors because when you invest in stuff you have to take out a lot of loans and that takes away people money.
To prevent similar disasters, the federal government set up the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which eliminated the bank runs - to get one's money before the bank runs out.

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Coolidge was the sixth Vice President to inherit the presidency. Coolidge was a former Governor of Massachusetts this was one of the worst time to be the president.

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Herbert Hoover has been blamed for the stock market crash, he, in fact, warned President Coolidge in 1925 about the dangers of excessive stock market speculation

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Because of the stock market crash in 1929, the army neede to reduce their size, but luckily, Douglas was one of the few kept on board.Many scholars and historians
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blame the Harding-Coolidge economic program for thestock market crash of 1929
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When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed